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How does career coaching work at Scion Mastery?

The main audience of Scion Mastery is young people between 18 and 30 years old. I enjoy working with them a lot: they are ambitious, independent, and motivated. They are at this stage in life when they are just formulating their own values and ideas, and at the same time they already have to make important decisions, often without their parents’ support – the world has radically changed since the older generation had to learn from their own mistakes. Today’s young adults have been raised in the Internet era: they are knowledgeable and able to think critically. But they are not willing to wait. They want everything at once: travel the world, get a high-quality education, make a career, and have a family with kids. They give themselves three years to achieve all this.

These young people contact us seeking help in applying for education programs in the UK and USA, and they get our professional assistance. But we offer them something bigger and broader than just assistance in preparing school and visa applications. At Scion Mastery we start with self-exploration techniques and formulation of career and personal goals, and only then we choose a study program that fits what the person strives to achieve in life.

It all begins with a consultation. I get to know the person, listen to their story, find out about their dreams and fears, notice what fascinates and frustrates them. Besides this, my team and I evaluate the application documents such as CV and school or college reports. We gather information in order to develop a strategy for collaboration that will result in mindful career building. The strategy embraces such practical matters as working on the client’s resume and references, standardised test preparation, and the actual studying in a UK top school. But it also embraces mastering one’s mindset: identifying one’s own personal and professional goals (real, not imposed), assessing the values and harnessing the best resources and skills.

What hides behind the desire to succeed in all spheres of life in a short period of time that young people who come to us have? An external life scenario. It is good that there is one. But it needs to be corrected and internalized, otherwise the person will be deeply disappointed in the future. There is a tool (one of many): combine two different life scenarios and check their compatibility and viability, and only then set an action plan. A combination of career and life coaching helps develop a system that will enhance the person’s life, not just complicate it.

Scion Mastery gives an opportunity to work on many levels. Our team is comprised of professionals responsible for administrative and immigration parts of the UK school’s admission process. They control the deadlines, correspondence, and school application requirements. We also give our clients an option of working with academic coaches, tutors, personal development, and public speaking trainers. We offer deep and intense work that will result in maximising one’s career and life enhancing. This work turns a youngster into a mature person who knows what they do and why.


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