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Through her many years of experience within the fields of educational and child psychology, Maria remains an invaluable asset to our team in the services we can provide to our clients. A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and Psychological Counselling from the Ural State University and a Master’s of Psychoanalysis, MSc, at UCL, London, her fluency in developments pertaining to the advancement of modern Psychological techniques and her unique expertise in mental development combine to provide a bespoke, creative and truly engaging programme for each of our students.
Together with Inga Neaves Maria is a co-creator of an Early Stage Career Profiling Method. This method allows us to make parents aware of their child’s natural abilities and advise on the set of activities to develop particular talents. Our method was created with young children in mind in such early age as 6.5 years old. Performed in a form of a game we are using uniquely created techniques to trace specific behaviour traits which allow families to plan their parenting in a coherent way to help their children flourish not only socially but also academically.

Ms Maria Nikiforova

Educational and Child Psychologist

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