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Inga Neaves has brought innovative thinking, compassionate and committed leadership style to Scion Mastery since taking over the company in 2003. With the help of her hand-picked staff,she has guided over a hundred students towards achieving their academic and professional goals.Inga has qualified as an engineer from the Metallurgical State University of Dnepropetrovsk, obtained a Higher National Diploma in Business from the New York University of Prague and a Barefoot Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching. She is well practiced in the field of Gestalt therapy and esteemed by clients for her perception and business expertise. Inga is true believer in a lifelong learning. Besides of keeping 60 hours a year of CPD(Continuing Professional Development) required by her Masters Diploma in Life and Business Coaching, from November 2017 Inga is a full-time student and an active member of educational salon and community for Therapists, Coaches and Educators lead by Esther Perel. Inga learns from as many different sources as possible to ensure she is best placed to help her clients. This has led her to complete courses in disciplines such as Sylva Method Mind Control, NLP,Hypnotherapy, Life Script, Psychosynthesis and The Gottman Marriage Lab (Gottman is a family therapist who can sit with a married couple for 15 minutes and predict to a 95% accuracy whether or not they will be married in 7 years’ time). The power of taking these learnings into any situations around the world is huge.Having grown up in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in a melting pot of different cultures, religions and ethnicities, Inga enjoys working with an international clientele. She is proficient in several languages including Russian, Czech, English and Hebrew.Inga recognises the best qualities in each young person she works with. She encourages students to develop these qualities into personalised and creative skillsets that help them thrive in competitive and globalised environments. Inga’ expertise lies in providing students and their parents with focused, objective and challenging insights. Her rich arsenal of techniques enables her to provide personalised support to unlock the behaviours required to reach students’ full potential. Inga’ undoubtfully believes that each individual has an ability and power to achieve their dreams and she gives students the encouragement and confidence to push themselves that little bit further.She trains Scion Mastery’ staff to offer the optimum quality of service to clients and remain up-to-date and knowledgeable about the fields of British and International education. She creates long-term strategies alongside short-term objectives for clients that inspire them to realise their academic and professional dreams.

Ms Inga Neaves

Founder and Career Strategist

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