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Anastasia’s credentials include an Economics and Finance Bachelor’s degree, in addition to which she possesses comprehensive knowledge of the British educational system. She bolsters this with regular attendance of training sessions on boarding schooling and university admissions in the UK.
As a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA), Anastasia also is well-informed on reforms to British immigration law. Her calm, soft and extremely attentive to details approach makes her the most sought-after specialist to deal with complicated issues weather it is immigration or property sell and purchase.
Anastasia is involved with the firm’s finance, accounting and legal tasks as well as helping to expand the business in a new direction according to demands of digitalisation and ever so internationalised world.
Anastasia is young and caring mother and spends a lot of time researching and learning various parenting techniques. Anastasia is keen to share her knowledge with parents, providing them with adept advice and creative solutions to their dilemma.

Ms Anastasia Simeonova

Educational Consultant

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