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Having qualified as an Academic and Business Coach at City University, Suzanna is able to knowledgeably provide Scion Mastery students with highly personalised advice, tailored for their skillsets and talents. Suzanna assists parents in planning interactive, standards-based and holistic educational plans and lessons for home-schooling their children and guides them infiling necessary paperwork order to comply with requirements and guidelines of British Education system.
Suzanna’s areas of expertise include student placements, private tuition arrangements, UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) and boarding education in which she is a certified expert.
Suzanna is known for proactive approach to difficult situations and broad knowledge of an educational landscape. Being an excellent communicator with a strong work ethic and interpersonal skills Suzanna skilfully tackles day to day duties as well as unexpected customer queries.
Suzanna is a confident decision maker, skilfully keeping emotions from influencing our students, with determination to guide them through their chosen path. Being a mother herself, Suzanna indubitably understands all the difficulties young children face during their period of transition into young adults and continuously growing demands of a modern parent.

Mrs Suzanna Sharp

Educational Consultant

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