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5 years of research on human's behaviour, body language and the emotional states, allowed Vladimir to design his exciting programme "Flexible Behaviour". Main purpose of Vladimir’s programme is to help people design a certain model of their behaviour in which they will feel comfortable according to themselves and the whole world in general.
With background in professional singing and dancing, Vladimir became a Co-founder of a new wellbeing project - "Spinedango" - spine rehabilitation through dance. This project was designed in collaboration with one of the largest back pain centres in Europe.
Vladimir has also designed "Redarmony" - dance therapy coaching programme which is aimed to help people discover themselves through movement. In this programme people work with elements of acceptance, forgiveness, and discipline. "Redarmony exercises" are also involved in "Flexible Behaviour" programme.
At Scion Mastery Vladimir is acting as a performance coach assisting our students and helping them to become a well-rounded individuals in their chosen career. Using his coaching methods and experience, Vladimir helps young individuals to Discover their characters, develop their performance and behaviour in general and the ability to interpret things in as positive direction.

Mr Vladimir Kozhevnikov

Performance Coach

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