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A former graduate from the London School of Economic and Political Science, Denys has extensive experience working in Education, Finance and Technology sectors. He currently holds the position of Software Engineer at Santander Bank, working in the Innovations department with technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Data Science.
Denys constantly consults and keeps in touch with many Scion Mastery students and helps them to understand what they need to achieve to work in different sectors. Denys has given numerous talks and seminars at such places as Uppingham School and Imperial College and delivered a training in Marbella on the importance of learning technology and how the future job market will look.
He has helped guide many students to places at institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College. His work does not stop at 6th Form level and he continues to work with students all the way through university up until the students has been hired by their dream company.

Mr Denys Golub

Academic and IT Coach

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