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Ben Loyd-Holmes is an expert educator in the areas of public speaking, confidence and body language, empowering clients and giving them the ability to cease opportunities and convey their ideas in a coherent and concise way.
In addition to his work as a public speaker and educator, Ben is an award-winning professional film & television actor, producer and writer and a public speaker living in London. Ben’s career has seen him work all over the world with international clients and corporations that include the communications operator O2 and spoken to huge audiences at premiere venues including London Excel and Birmingham’s NEC Arena. Ben is also a senior member of the Business and Entrepreneurs Network and uses his spare time to work with a number of charities.
In his acting career Ben has worked on such projects as Skyfall, Band of Brothers, Star Wars, Gladiator, DaVinci’s Demons, Torchwood, Spooks, Extinction, the list goes on.Being both an Actor and a Producer puts Ben in a unique position, as someone who with the acting background knows how to speak and to communicate a feeling and an idea, but who as a Producer also knows how to analyse people’s presentations in a variety of areas.

Mr Ben Loyd-Holms

Confidence and Performance Coach

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