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Galina’s role comprises of supporting you through every stage of your Oxbridge application. Advanced planning is key to success, which is why we recommend allowing at least a year of preparation before you submit your application. Having attended Durham University and Oxford University herself, Galina has a first hand experience and she assess the strength of your application. When working with Galina, you will receive a structured and tailored approach that will be unique to you. She will also enable you to achieve your long term goals and she will show you how to be flexible in getting there.
"The inspiration behind my role is to instruct people how to best achieve their full potential. A gift of education is the one that keeps on giving, which is why you should view it as the best investment in your life. I will provide you with plenty of resources that you will find useful in achieving your dream. I've learned from the best in Durham and Oxford, and I want you to experience that too!"

Miss Galina Badalova

Oxbridge Entrance Partner

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